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SaladoPlayer is player attempting to make creation of virtual tours more common over internet. If you want to create one, you do not need to buy expensive software or have some serious programming skills. Shoot some photos, stitch them together with Hugin, convert them with SaladoConverter and use SaladoPlayer to display them! With literally couple lines of .*xml configuration you can add navigation, maps, menus and varius multimedia. Configuration is very simpple, well documented and described with many examples. Furthermore, SaladoPlayer features "debug mode", when entire configuration both in player and modules is validated and in case of any mistakes usefull informations are printed.



SaladoPlayer is easy to configure and extend flash panorama viewer, built with PanoSalado2. As a result SaladoPlayer and all modules are licensed under GPL.

PanoSalado2 ("PS2") is a slim, fast and extensible engine for delivering single-node or multi-node ("virtual tour") 360° panoramas, and is written entirely for Flash 10+. Its feature set includes all the usual suspect functionalities, and can be extended easily in a modular fashion via the MVC paradigm. Out of the box, PS2 will also display tiled ('multi-resolution') panoramas in various tile schemas. PanoSalado 2 is written and maintained by Zephyr Renner & Michael Rondinelli and cheerleaded by Patrick Cheatham.

PanoSalado is: